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3D and virtual design: what are their advantages in real estate?

3D and virtual design: what are their advantages in real estate?

Any real estate renovation project must be carefully and thoroughly studied. Every aspect of the project must be carefully analysed. To avoid errors, unpleasant surprises, as well as waste of time and money, 3D design appears to be a particularly interesting technology. How does 3D design work? What are the advantages ? Find out in this article.

What is 3D design?

The possibilities are endless with 3D modeling. Indeed, it is possible to create complex objects, characters, buildings, landscapes, environments and more in 3 dimensions on a computer. The definition of structures is generally done from simple shapes such as polygons, spheres, cones or curves. The objects are then covered with textures. It is possible to perfect the elements with different characteristics in the setting in motion. You can also define light sources to illuminate objects to put them in situation and make them seem more real. 3D modeling also makes it possible to produce multimedia and audiovisual content.

How to do 3D modeling?

3D design is popular in many fields including architecture. It makes it possible to draw up precise plans for the development of interior and exterior spaces. In the field of furniture, some professionals also use 3D design to model the interior spaces of their clients. By incorporating furniture, wallpaper and more, they can have an overview of their purchases. Different methods exist to create 3D models. For example, there is polygonal modeling, surface subdivision by geometry, by curves, etc.

What are the objectives of 3D design in real estate?

Many building professionals use 3D and virtual modeling to give their clients a taste of their home after renovation work, for example. 3D allows, among other things, to learn about the real volumes of each room in the house and to make the best use of them. The owner will thus be able to know and appreciate the full potential of his interior. He will also be able to imagine the possibilities of interior and exterior design to renovate and enhance his buildings. Moreover, there are various dedicated software that are able to go into details and thus obtain a more precise and realistic rendering of the project. The owner of the property or the purchaser will thus be able to see the ideas of the architect and the decorator come to life and make changes if necessary. From the style of accommodation to the location of the furniture, every detail can be personalized.

What are the advantages of 3D modeling?

The advantages of 3D modeling in real estate are numerous. It saves time and allows you to design precise and detailed plans. It thus considerably facilitates the completion of the work and avoids misunderstandings between the owner and the professionals performing the work. Whether it is a construction, a renovation or a real estate extension, it is interesting to use 3D modeling.

In the context of a real estate sale, the virtual visit is a real plus to conclude. The purchaser will have the opportunity to visit the property from his home. For the seller, virtual tours make it possible to organize several tours of the property per day without logistical worries.

As part of renovation work, to bring the kitchen up to date, for example, hiring a renovation company that can quickly offer you a 3D design and a corresponding estimate will be of great help to you. You will be able to project yourself more easily and know if your ideas are feasible (volume, surface, materials, etc.).

Create 3D house plans

There is some skill in designing house plans. No detail should be overlooked and no mistakes should be made. Many construction and real estate renovation professionals use 3D design for the production of house plans in order to best meet the demands of their clients. Beforehand, they carefully study the feasibility of each project entrusted to them. They come to the site to assess the configuration of the land and discuss the project with their clients. The 3D plans will be made according to each of the recommendations of the owner of the house. The latter will receive a detailed proposal for the project with a taste of the final result. He can also express any changes he wants to make. The project will be refined until its final version.

This way, the owner will have the certainty of having the result he is looking for once the work is finished. There will be no misunderstanding between the two parties and therefore no waste of time and money.

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