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What are the Advantages of 3D Architecture Software?

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What are the advantages of 3D architecture software?


In the construction and renovation of a house, an architect is generally responsible for drawing up the plans. The field of architecture has become heavily digitised over the years and now most architects use 3D architecture software.


House-building software includes 3D design. This is a major development in the industry of architecture that allows a project to be visualised as a whole before its construction. Using 3D architectural software is an advantage for construction workers too as it simplifies their jobs.




  1. What is the purpose of 3D modelling software for an architect?
  2. What are the advantages of house building software?
  3. What can be done with 3D modelling software for architects?
  4. How to choose the right 3D architecture software?


1. What is the purpose of 3D modelling software for an architect?


Plans made with 3D modelling are very realistic; their rendering can be compared to that of a photograph. This makes it possible to visualise the finished project and allows an architect to better understand the extent of work that needs to be done. 


In addition, this software has functions that help architects in the project management process. An architect may use it to design the plans as well as the interior and exterior layout of a building. The architect can then present these plans to the client.


2. What are the advantages of house building software?


Thanks to 3D modelling software, architects can store all their projects in one place and simplify project management. The creation of plans becomes more precise with tools that allow architects to calculate surfaces, set up partitions and choose materials.


Each project can be included and displayed in its entirety, which is a plus for both the architect and the client, who can imagine themselves in the future property more easily than with traditional, non-digitised plans. Finally, using house building software results in significant time savings for the architects and their workers. 


3. What can be done with 3D modelling software for architects?

Drawing the plans


The first step is to draw the plans.

Everything can be customised with house building software, from the location of doors and windows to the colouring and marking of rooms. With 3D architecture software, the architect can define ceiling height, add skirting boards, create texture for the room, and much more…the possibilities are endless. 

Interior and exterior design


After the layout comes the interior design stage.


This type of software offers a catalogue containing thousands of references for furniture, paint, wallpaper, floor coverings, etc. The architect can then customise the interior design.


Once the interior is designed, the architect can customise the exterior layout in 3D to place the building in its environment. The architect is not only able to draw terraces, gardens or swimming pools, but the professional can go even further and reproduce a neighbourhood or a housing estate. The rendering is extremely accurate to reality and allows the architect to design extremely complex and intricate projects. 


This type of software allows one to view the house from any angle, at any given time, even at night!

Making changes to the plans


With 3D architecture software, the client can comfortably request modifications. This includes anything from adding an ensuite bathroom to changing the location of a partition. The architect can immediately show said modification on the plans and come to an agreement with the client easily. 


4. How to choose the right 3D architecture software?


A wide variety of 3D architecture software exists on the market these days.


This is why it’s necessary to compare software to find the one that best suits your work. If you regularly respond to BIM tenders, choose a BIM software such as ArchiCAD, FreeCAD, BricsCAD BIM, TAD, or Revit.


There are also 3D modelling software packages for engineers that allow them to work on the design of buildings. One example of this software is Solidworks.


In any case, it is advisable to opt for professional and paid software to benefit from all the functionalities.


Prices can vary significantly from one software package to another. This is because they all focus on different specialties. For example, if you want to perform furniture design, Rhino 3D is an excellent choice. For detailed planning of entire buildings, however, a more comprehensive BIM suite such as Vectorworks or ArchiCAD may be more suitable.

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