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How to modernise the decoration of a bedroom?

How to modernise the decoration of a bedroom?

Do you want to decorate your bedroom, give it a modern touch, and create a unique universe for this essential room in your home? Here are some tips to successfully carry out your home staging or renovation work.

In the past, people too often opted for minimalist decor when it came to their bedroom, putting aside the cosy aspect. Nowadays decorating your room is a must, it is trendy to bet on colours and create a universe that corresponds to who you are, exotic, romantic or even art deco, the possibilities are limitless. The bedroom is now seen as a warm and comfortable cocoon where design plays a key role in creating the desired atmosphere.

Play with colours for a modern bedroom

Interior decoration transforms a classic bedroom into a welcoming and comforting resting area. You will be able to create different atmospheres within your room by playing on the colour scheme as well as on the materials used.

Some styles adapt more easily to spacious bedrooms. For small spaces, it is advisable to avoid heavy decor that will take up too much space, which will allow you to create an impression of volume in the room. Avoid overhead lights and go for one or two small accent lamps, such as a bedside lamp. Place it either on one side of the bed or in a dark corner of the room. Also, bet on mirrors, they are fantastic for adding depth to a small room.

You can use accessories to decorate the walls of your bedroom such as posters, paintings, mirrors, etc. In addition, cushions and plaids will bring the necessary touch of warmth to your interior.

The art of mixing the old and the new

For a bedroom decor up to date, it is imperative to get rid of old-fashioned objects and furniture. On the other hand, combining vintage and modern elements has become a very fashionable decoration trend. Restoring old furniture by giving it a makeover can give it a new life in modern and chic decor.

By focusing on colour and decor, you can make old furniture up to date. For example, you can repaint an old dresser you got from your grandmother in chick yellow or duck blue and make it an essential part of your bedroom decor. In order to obtain a perfectly retro-modern atmosphere, consider hanging on your walls next to this piece of furniture printed fabrics with an adequate theme or geometric shapes.

Finally, to highlight the furniture, objects and wall accessories in your bedroom, opt for sober colours on at least 3 of your walls and do not overload the room with furniture or ornaments.

Bet on the headboard

To give your bedroom decoration maximum personality, play the card of excess on a key element: the headboard. It can have unusual dimensions and occupy a large section of the wall. You can also find it in a flea market to give a baroque air to your room, for example.

You can also dress one of your walls with a bookcase full of books and travel objects, nothing better to bring character and a very special soul to your room.

If your budget allows it, do not hesitate to hire an interior designer who can give you a fresh look and give you unexpected ideas for the layout and look of your bedroom.

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