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Key tips for a kid-friendly kitchen

Key tips for a kid-friendly kitchen

Nowadays, the kitchen is becoming the central room of the house, the favourite place to meet with the family. It is, therefore, necessary to adapt its layout to ensure the safety of children. The kitchen can then be arranged according to the age of the child ensuring a higher level of security at a younger age. Discover these tips to transform your kitchen into a family-friendly place for your entourage.

Protect your children from dangerous items

Tablets for the dishwasher, cleaning products, and many more are dangerous for children. However, we usually have the habit of storing them in the cupboard under the sink, next to the trash can. Do you recognize yourself? Likewise, knives and other sharp utensils are found in the kitchen. To make your kitchen safe for toddlers, take preemptive solutions to keep their little hands away from danger. You can install door locks to prevent them from opening dangerous cupboards, but it is also possible to invest in closed storage inside your furniture to keep dangerous objects out of their reach.

Another recurring injury in the kitchen is burning yourself. If your oven is placed at the bottom of your kitchen and it does not have a cold door, you can install a protective grid that sticks on the oven door. This will prevent your child from getting burned by touching the door when your oven is hot. You can also equip your hob with a protective edge to prevent the pans from falling. However, always make sure to turn the handle of the pot inwards and do not leave young children alone in the kitchen unattended.

Now that your kitchen is secure, here are some ideas for them to learn about cooking.

Create a space for children in your kitchen

Closet within reach, content adapted to their needs, unbreakable and colourful crockery, miniature utensils ... Why not dedicate a corner in your kitchen to the development of your children? By arranging cupboards at the right height filled with safe items only, you will be able to put your children to work by entrusting them with the mission of bringing back certain objects. 

Provide steps for children to be involved in the cooking

Children often volunteer to bake and help you in the kitchen. Also, it is important to remember that they are not yet old enough to feel independent and comfortable. Take some time to secure your kitchen with Montessori type barriers for children! So your child will be able to see everything you are doing and can even help you with certain tasks. To do this, also remember to free up enough space on the worktop so that your apprentice cook can patrol freely.

If you need help setting up your kitchen, do not hesitate to hire a decorator.

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