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Which social media platforms should an architect use?

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Social media choices


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn... It's hard to find your way around the internet these days as the number of social media platforms has multiplied. So, which ones are good for an architect to use? 


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Why should an architect use social media?

We appreciate architecture with our eyes. One might therefore think that the best social media platforms for an architect are those that are visually based like Instagram and Pinterest. However, despite this reasoning being sound, it’s good to think about building a communication strategy on other social media sites as well.


Which social media platforms to choose for an architect's digital communication strategy


It is unrealistic to think that you can be present on all social media platforms and manage to properly feed and create content for each one,  and if you think that it is enough to publish the same content everywhere, you’re mistaken.


Each social media site has its own positioning. Each platform allows you to achieve a particular objective. You should therefore focus on 3-4 platforms and design them to complement each other. 


  • Instagram allows you to showcase your achievements
  • LinkedIn, with its B2B positioning, allows you to get in touch with other companies in the architecture scene and create a professional network
  • Facebook, with its large number of users and business-only features, is a must for connecting easily and making your business reachable


What to post on social media


Photos of your work


Instagram and Facebook are ideal platforms for posting this type of content. On Facebook, you can go more in-depth with text than on Instagram. You can include information about the project, what the challenges were, how the client benefited, etc. You can also post your blueprints, plans and/or sketches to reveal your whole process and not just the final result. 

Blog posts and news


Also, if you are mentioned in the media, a magazine, or on a blog or other website, share that with your community on social media! LinkedIn and Facebook will be the most suitable platforms for doing so.

Your expertise


Share content that aligns with current events and trends in architecture. Also, comment on this content by bringing your perspective which will add value to these articles. 

The human side of your profession


You can introduce your former clients to your prospective ones, tell their stories, and talk about your values and your vision of architecture. This will allow you to clarify and cement your brand image and stand out from the ever-tightening competition. 


How often should I post on social media?


There is a balance to be found between


  • the risk of publishing too much and boring your audience 
  • the need to publish enough to generate engagement
  • and the time you devote to engaging your community of followers


Publishing content twice a week is generally a good rule. 


How to publish for effective marketing


Posting around noon may maximise your visibility. However, social media platforms like Facebook offer statistical tools that will reveal a wealth of information that you can use to establish your publication schedule. You can then post on the days and times that will allow your content to be viewed the most.


Use hashtags to make it easy for people interested in architecture to find you. For example, #architecture #architecturephotography #architect are some of the popular hashtags on Instagram.


It’s essential to be responsive and to quickly answer any messages and comments posted by your followers, whether they are current or prospective clients. 

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