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Switch to connected heating in your house

Switch to connected heating in your house

Heating is the largest source of energy expenditure for a home. If fuel oil is reputed to be cheaper than electricity, you should know that the difference is barely visible on the final bill. The question that arises is therefore the following: how can you really and sustainably reduce your energy consumption without impacting your comfort? More and more individuals are opting for connected heating. Practical and easy to control, this latest generation device allows the temperature of a room to be adapted according to the wishes of the inhabitants, but also according to their presence. Focus.

Smart radiator: what is it?

Connected heating is the combination of home automation, the internet and a radiator. These three devices together make it possible to control the temperature of a heater at any time and to program its starting and stopping time.

Presence detectors or open window detectors make your radiators intelligent and further optimize your comfort and energy costs. The first device will turn off the heating system when the rooms are empty. The heating will turn back on when individuals have been detected. The second device turns off the heating when windows are opened. Particularly practical for ventilating a home without wasting precious calories.

Connected heating: how does it work?

The connected heating is connected to a thermostat which is responsible for delivering the orders given to the various radiators. You set your schedule, corresponding temperatures and the thermostat executes it. The heating thermostat can be centralized (the orders issued are identical to each radiator) or decentralized (the radiators are controlled individually. The temperatures of the different devices may vary from one heating to another). Sensors can also automate the settings even more.

Control your radiators remotely with the heating programmer

Now the connected electric heater can be controlled remotely. This can be done through a tablet, smartphone or computer. Residents can interact directly with their heating system without being on-site. Are you going home earlier than expected? Advance the time to turn on your heating to not come back to a cold home. Do you plan to go home later than expected? Postpone the initial programming time. Are you on vacation and can't remember whether you turned off your radiators before leaving the family home? In this case, log in quickly and make sure everything is in order.

Electric heating: monitor consumption

The connected thermostat improves comfort and optimizes energy consumption. But that's not all. Indeed, it gives residents the opportunity to closely monitor their energy consumption. The mobile applications with which the smart heaters are delivered allow you to keep an eye on your bill. You can thus maximize your efforts to lower your energy costs and take action if your bill seems too high. 

Connected heating must be installed by a specialist. The errors of assembly and initial programming can be very expensive. So call on a heating engineer to install your smart radiators.

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