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Why choose a connected blind for your home?

Why choose a connected blind for your home?

Our homes are becoming more and more connected with smart objects. What is the purpose of using this technology with awnings or even roller blinds? Find out more about their many benefits.

The awning, an automated heat shield 

Connected exterior blinds

Connected blinds automate the opening of your blinds according to the temperature. When the awning is open, it limits your electricity consumption, especially if you have the air conditioning on.

The bay windows which are generally located under the blinds are a great source of heat by capturing the heat from the sun rays. The temperature then rises rapidly in the concerned rooms.

If this is the case, your air conditioner sends out a burst of fresh air to lower the temperature. If your blinds are closed, the air conditioner will operate normally to maintain the room temperature you have specified.

This is why you should see your awning as a complementary element to your air conditioner. A connected banana blind makes it possible to better control the heat captured by the surface of the fabrics. The opening of your connected awning will be triggered automatically based on various data and will thus protect your home at all time.

You will never forget to close your awning anymore

If you have ever had an awning, you have already forgotten to close it at least once. However, if your awning was to remain open during heavy rain or gusts of wind it could be damaged. But with a connected store, this won't happen.

A wind sensor will close your awning automatically according to your settings. You set a wind force from which you want your blind to close and voila. No more risk of accidents if the wind were to pick up suddenly while you were away. Another equally powerful system is the vibration sensor. If your load bar moves too much, the awning closes.

The connected indoor roller blind

Interior blinds allow you to create atmospheres according to your mood. A connected blind allows you to time its operating hours.

Similarly to rolling shutters, you can activate the opening remotely via a program. You can also adjust the speed at which they will open to avoid hurting your eyes with the sunlight.

Another interesting point is energy saving. The automatic closing of the roller blinds or the orientation of the slats of the BSO (Brise Vue Orientable) or venetian blinds block the heat so that it does not diffuse in your household. Even if the heat will first be blocked before it passes through the window, an anti-heat blind will reduce the use of air conditioning by decreasing the penetration of UV in your living space or in your bedrooms for example. This can come in addition to your exterior blinds.

Do not hesitate to contact a blind installer to have a quote made to know how many connected blinds can be installed in your home.

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